Breath these sentences, one at a time, repeating each line to yourself on an inbreath. Repeat each line 3 times before moving on. Use the words exactly as they are. (Try and substitute  “GOD” with the word “ONENESS”)

  • GOD WITH ME (x3)
  • GOD IN ME (x3)


  • GOD WITH (x1)
  • GOD IN (x1)
  • GOD THROUGH (x1)


  • GOD

Please comment on your experience of this below.


2 thoughts on “13 BREATHS OF GOD

  1. I woke up with a headache and I knew it was to do with a rather negative situation I had to deal with since yesterday. It is morning and I was compelled to log on – usually I only do it in the evening, and on a Saturday that is rare. Reading your email, I tried the meditation straight away. The pressure on my head lifted on the second breath, and by the time I reached the 13 breath, I feel tearful and relived at the same time. Thank you for such a powerful tool to assist – returning to my centre..13 has always been my lucky number – my first son’s birthdate : )
    Thank you with Love and Light

  2. Breath…. IN…. God, the full sustaining, breath … out…. surrender, release, receiving, being………. this is an awesome meditation you have written here…. it really is so simple, isn’t it, love love Louij

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