Quotes from Pathwork lecture 258

I was raised in an Anglican education. I didn’t and I don’t understand the Christian Church and the Bible. I do keep listening – for the truth that they point towards. These quotes helped me when I was wrestling for Truth.

On Faith…
“If you heard a description of God as form, as personal helper, friend, guide to you, as all-forgiver, as a being of translucent light and perfection, you could accept it. So do not let the word ‘Jesus Christ’
stand in your way. God is the Christ, and God was Jesus when He incarnated.”

On Salvation…
Salvation means, among other things, Christ’s endless forgiveness and
acceptance. It means that you can always find your way to God, no matter what you have done, what your lower self still wishes to do. The door is always open, you are never, never closed out.
All you have to do is knock. Ask for the bread of God’s mercy, love, forgiveness, and personal help in all ways, and you shall not receive a stone. Ask to know yourself, your lovability, your nobility of spirit, your beauty of your true being through His redemptive love of you, and you shall receive it.
That is salvation, all that, and more.
God’s personalized aspect has brought it about. The incarnated Christ has made it possible for all other incarnated entities to be saved from their painful state of untruth (sin) and consequent destructiveness of self and others.

On Hope…
“Where there is no hope, there also lacks will and incentive.”
Quotes from Pathwork lecture 258


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