“The alarm clock goes on another weekday morning and as the snooze button gets hit for the second time I sigh, having clearly visioned the day ahead. The two meetings, the report I’ll have to write, the lack of lunch, the shoulder tension that’ll creep in by 3pm, the anxiety of the presentation that’s still ten days away and the reprieve from it all, my favourite television program on at 8pm tonight, and it flashes across my mind that tomorrow’s TV is also good, but today’s is the highlight of the week.
all this and I haven’t even opened my eyes.!”

Does good time management invade your inner stillness?
Do you plan your day with structure or flow?
Do you leave space for God to create a miracle or have you taken Total control?

Clearly I’m awake – but only part of me – I’ve unwittingly repeated a habit that until a month ago, I didn’t even know I had. A habit that has grown out of well intentioned, fairly typical activities such as education, urban city living, good business time management and great organisational skills. Yes, I’ve inadvertently woken up into my Mind and not into my Body.

Dammit, Again. I’ve been trying so hard to change the habit. I guess I must be patient. It’s a well established pattern of behaviour with at least 10 years history. “Step by Step”, I say to myself, remembering that quote “Every step on the spiritual journey is the first step.” – I hate the truth of that statement!

It’s an interesting realisation to make. The realisation that its common practice to separate the mind and body so distinctly. Actually more than common practice, It’s my practice. This realisation starts me on an assessment of my own personal balance, showing clearly which one I currently live in balance with (or rather in balance around)

It can be a great example of the argument that “Balance” is not always “the best possible solution” or in other words, Balance does not Equal Health.

In the example above, My balance point has been established over years of my normal life and my education to centre on my mind. Its perfectly normal for me to wake up into ‘my mind’ – or it was until a month ago when I realised that that was what I was doing, and also realised that there may be another way to live – another ‘normal’, another ‘balance’. A more healthy balance, for me.

This realisation came during my first week at Barbara Brennan’sschoolofHealingthat I attend in Austria5 times per year. It wasn’t a lesson that was taught by the school, simply a lesson that emerged through my involvement in the school. A simple comparison between two school days – one of which started with a yoga class and one of which didn’t.

The day without the yoga was dominated by my “chatty mind”. I didn’t concentrate well. I didn’t relax well. I didn’t listen well. I certainly didn’t find tranquillity in the school meditation time.

This day was in such contrast to the previous day, the day with the 6.45 am yoga class. Now I think it’s fair to add that this was my first yoga class, ever. I’m close to being the world’s least flexible person; I protect an old back injury with very tight muscles. I hated the class. I felt stupid because I couldn’t reach the positions, let alone hold them for 5 deep breaths. I finished it frustrated, but having had fun, and glad that I had participated instead of sleeping late.

From this starting point, my day went superbly. I relaxed well, I listened well and I found absolute tranquillity in meditation. Tranquillity that lasted all day long.

In the comparison of these two days, it was the yoga class that stood out as the distinguishing factor. The internal, body-centric focus of breathing and holding yoga positions brought me in touch with my entire body. It prevented my mind from dominating the first hour of my morning, and in so doing, set the tone for my day.

So, now, when I go to sleep, I make a conscious decision to wake up into my body and not into my mind. I’m still learning ways to do this like yoga, gym or breathing techniques. I used to fear that if my day was not properly planned I wouldn’t get everything done. Now I realise that by grounding the start of my day deep inside my body, the rest of the day unfolds in a far more natural, less forced, harmony. I can strongly recommend you try.


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