Dam Disease

The following Poem shares my outlook on the Dis-ease creation process and hints to the path of healing that lies in self-responsibility.

Dam Disease
I’ll hide from me, I’ll hide from you
I trust you’ll do the same
In ignorance we’ll live our lives
and hold at bay the pain

‘cept when we lie, the truth not faced
A dam wall builds in hurtful place
Till dam comes down and all denied
Comes through our body from inside.

From inside come the years held out
The feelings, tears you did not shout
They leak expression through the wall
Discomfort till you have to fall

We call this illness or dis-ease
Its just a pointer where we please
To stay denied or heal and own
Our fuller self, than skin and bone


2 thoughts on “Dam Disease


  2. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for your inspiring perspective on Purpose at the 8 O’Clock Club last Wednesday. Thank you for sharing your experiences, thoughts and wisdom in your poetry. Your ‘Dam Disease’ reminded me of my own and I offered to share it with you, so here it is. Interestingly, I also wrote this in 2007:

    In Drowning

    There lies deep inside me,
    A well so deep, of its existence
    I did not know.
    Therein lies waters, murky –
    So far below.

    I am only aware of it now
    it’s walls are bulging,
    Full to the brow.
    The cracks are appearing,
    The water’s leaking.
    Filled with meaning I do not know.

    Sometimes the waters trickle,
    Sometimes they seem fickle,
    Sometimes hysterical they flow.
    As they surface from below…

    I put a plug on it.
    Patch it from the outside
    Put a concrete slab on it.
    The pressure builds up.
    At every twist and turn it makes,
    trying to get free,
    My body aches.


    Now I gesture my tears.
    I offer them to myself and to you
    To taste me…
    To hear the sound of me…
    To feel me…
    To know me.
    And as the well empties,
    I am held above the waters
    by my own hand, and cannot drown.

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