Do you like to dance? to move in your body? to connect with people in a group? to dance with yourself? to dance with others? to allow your body to move with a smile? to wriggle with happiness? to jive with enthusiasm? to sit with stillness? to be intensely alone? to show the world your ‘youness’?
Biodanza does all of this.
Or rather YOU would get to do all of this in a Biodanza class. The results are amazing, and unique to each individual and each class. Centred, connected, energised, revitalised, enthused, the list goes on.
Developed by Chilean Anthropologist, doctor and researcher – Rolando Toro, and practised worldwide for over 40 years, Biodanza captures many of the aspects of indigenous cultures that are absent in today’s society. In other words – what you do here is what humans have been doing together for millenia.
Keywords for me is PLAYFUL, joy, passion and self confidence,
or Google “Biodanza” – there are lots.

Facilitator Training Process:

A two year program starting with the 1 year Personal Development Course ( 12 weekend modules) and followed by Facilitator Training (15 Modules)


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