Referral of Teachings and Modalities

It is the intention of this space to introduce and simply overview some modalities or work that may support you in your jouney. I have been very fortunate to intensely focus an extended period of time on personal development and during these years to have discovered these great programs or modalities.

In all cases ( unless directly stated) I have personal experience of the modality. Most ‘modalities’ are truly international resources offering integrity and a solid foundation of training and accreditation. A few are truly local practioners whose details I add mostly for my local client base in Cape Town, South Africa and in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Each modality also indicates the training process involved in qualifying a practioner and/or teacher. This has always been an indicator of credibility in my mind. It is my choice to work with people who are experts in their fields and who I resonate with. This has been learnt the hard way with money and time spent with practioners who were poorly equipped to meet my needs. The lessons around this have really been about self-responsibility and the value I place on my own healthcare.

What is your wellbeing worth to you?
Following your attraction to pleasure and playfulness is a good way to choose lifestyle activities aimed at improved wellbeing. Curiously I also choose to follow my loudest negative reaction – knowing that here I will find the most ‘Gold’ – albeit probably with the most effort.

In the spirit of self-responsibility, you will need to make decisions for yourself about how best to build your “healing team” and lifestyle activities. Lifewalkers simply details a selection of possibilities. The choices and responsibility for choice remains yours.


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