Mankind Project

logo_mkp.jpgThe rise of feminity in the passed 40 years has been sacred and of great importance in restoring balance in society, yet it has left a legacy in the generations of men who have lost their foothold on what it is to be a man. How could they know? they have been raised to be men by women.
The Mankind Project is a program that offers men the ancient togtherness that has been misplaced in these last decades. It recognises the need of men for rite-of-passage into manhood, for fellowship and for a common language with which to share and reflect on our life experiences.
The weekend workshop is titled The New Warrior Training Adventure. This is an apt title for a three day journey of a lifetime. The Gateway to the greater depth of the Mankind Project -a vehicle for self-facilitated mensgroups, facilitator training, mentorship and development.
The amazement of the weekend lies in the fact that the 40 New Warriors are supported by 50-55 experienced warriors who feel called to return to service. With over 30 000 men worldwide walking this path, the invitation is never far away, earnestly asking of the next man – does this call to your soul?

Read “Falling” – a poem inspired by the experience of the MKP weekend


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