Family Constellations

Our familes are undoubtly the souce of our greatest lessons in life. They may truly feel like the source of our pains, yet they are also the doorway to our happiness. Within their dynamics lies our childhood, and that is like the birthing of a seed. The tree that it becomes never forgets the hands that watered it into existence.
Unfortunately we get confused along the way. We get wounded, and hang on to behaviours set up at that time of wounding. We assume roles that may be inappropriately placed on us, other roles we choose to adopt, believing that we can help bring harmony to the family through self-sacrifice. Over time we forget that we made these choices – and we live our lives as if they were always, and forever, to be that way.
The workshop format of the family constellation reveals to us some of those choices. We get to observe dynamics about our own families in a way that brings a startling sharpness to our awareness – and …
Awareness is the first point of re-establishing choice about how we choose to live.
There is an amazing gift in this work. The simplicity is partnered with profoundness. The experience of standing as representative for someone else’s family member is in itself healing and revealing. Every family on the planet reflects back to us details about our own. A constellation workshop will do the same.
Certification process
“There is currently no official certification available in any country for Family Constellations Facilitators.” (source:
The facilitator recognition therefore varies in different countries. Family Constellations Africa (a NGO) runs a two year, non-certificated, training that appears thorough, and profesional. The course outline and list of people who have completed this course is here.
The U.K. conditions for registering as a practioner are listed here and start with a recognised therapeutic or counselling qualification.This makes sense to me.
Google: ‘Family constellations’ for your country site


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