Vipassana Meditation

Seldom have I found a technique that can take you from here (wherever that might be) all the way to enlightenment. Vipassana will do it, with no cost to your wallet – only discipline and commitment (and the patience of a few lifetimes of Karma clearing)
Here is a global teaching with the credibility of 1000’s of years of practice, and the ethics of purity.The global standardisation of this teaching is ensured through video-based lectures and identical timetable structures for all global centres.( following S.N. Goenka – a person who will become friendly and familiar to you on the course)
Vipassana centres around the world have an open-doors policy and never charge for the teaching. You are invited to attend a 10 day silent meditation with accommodation, teaching and meals all included for free. The program is simply funded by donations from past participants who feel called to support the teaching.
What to expect…
Your 10 days will be a journey into self, exploring the pattern of your thoughts and observing how you ‘attach to’ and ‘avert from’ sensations in your body. It is a very specific technique that keeps you well grounded in your body and the reality of sensations that you can directly perceive for yourself. It is very healing to undertake this 10 day process even if you don’t take the daily practice into your life.
It is not easy. No transformation process is.
It is rewarding – both directly and in the long-term.

I notice within people who have sustained a practice at home that they are clear, level-headed and safe to be around. They take ownership of their own lives (shifting away from co-dependency) and hold healthy boundaries.
Its no surprise that this practice is supported by addiction centres and prisoner rehabilitation programs.
Teacher Qualifications:
You are sure to find a qualified teacher at one of the official centres, but really the practice does not follow any teacher outside of yourself.
There are community groups in most areas that you will learn about after your 1st 10-day retreat.This is useful for sustaining your home-meditations.
How to find a centre? When are the next courses?


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