I trained as a Coma Counselor in Groote Schuur Hospital Neurosurgery ward for 1 year.
If your loved one is in a coma, please, please call me. Even if it is just to chat.
There are amazing, beautiful ways that you can communicate with them and support them while in hospital. I will show you how.

Comacare is leading the way in providing support to individuals and families affected by coma. It offers support services for patients, families and the care-givers affected by coma. Services are delivered by volunteers trained in Coma-communication methods, and the nature of coma recovery. Details can be found at

“In our understanding, coma is an extreme altered state of consciousness in which the person is not relating to ordinary reality.However, people in coma are experiencing potentially meaningful experiences and can often be reached through special communication methods.”
Grooteschuur hospital is a state run hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. It serves those who cannot afford private medical benefits. It has been home to many pioneering medical initiatives – most notably the first heart transplant. ComaCare continues in this pioneering spirit, growing the support for those affected by Coma.
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