• Reiki Master (Usui lineage)
  • Brennan Healing Science Graduate (4yr professional diploma)
  • Current student of Jason Shulman, Non-dual healing (Integrated Kabbalistic Healing)

Aug 2010 Andrew Newman Card.JPGBrennan Healing Science is a holistic model that can be used to address all disease processes, however each practitioner finds their unique areas of interest. I have special interests in helping clients unblocking their creative talent (artists, musicians, entrepreneurs) and my passion for deep spirituality draws clients with a resonance for this. I’m deeply committed to ongoing personal development as a practicing therapist – and enjoy supporting health care practitioners from other fields.

My clients show an enthusiasm for self-responsibility and a desire to live life more fully (from a variety of states of health). The process of recovery from illness is a curious dance of self responsibility and the acceptance of support. I support those who support themselves. Together there is strength as a team.(click ‘more’ to read about healing teams)

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Healing Teams
It is valuable when your healer is “one of a team” of people who support you in your life. I often help clients to consolidate their healing team, and to grow awareness of the skills that they may choose for their team.

There are occasions when I cannot offer the support that is needed. When these arise I do my utmost to refer to individuals who may be better positioned to support.


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