A typical Appointment

Each appointment is different as the work of each person changes over time.

The structure of an appointment usually involves a “check in” followed by 45 minutes of ‘on table’ work.
Alternatively we may work standing, bring subtle awareness to the body. (especially for work focused on personal power and self responsibility)

Reflective exercises are taken home to support you between appointments

The Check-in
Here you get to share what is happening in your life at this time. This is important. Everything is relevant in this moment of time.

Consider: “How could anything be irrelevant to your experience?”
It simply can’t be.

This sharing space gives me direction for the ‘on-table’ healing work, as it shows me the aspects of self where you are low in life-force, and where you are out of alignment with your highest intention.

The 45min ‘on-table’ healing is then an opportunity for you to relax, and gift yourself with receiving. This is not always a passive experience, in fact the more you remain conscious and present within yourself, and the more breath you bring – the deeper the healing can reach and resonate.

There will be time for a gentle return, and sitting in quietness after the healing. Sharing and reflection is seldom a part of this, as that reverts us back to the mental, old habitual way of being. There is always time for this reflection telephonically or at our next healing.


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