Day-by-day Itinerary

Arrival day.
Starting with an informal evening orientation and welcome on the arrival day, allowing varying arrival times.

Day 1
A day of landing, of opening and of meeting hosted at Phakalane – The Centre for living ritual. Here we will be ceremonially welcomed to Africa, through the fire and earth of the Sweat Lodge.

Lunch is an organic feast, co-created and shared, where after we hear of the deep knowledge of African Traditional healing and contextualise spirituality in African tradition.

The day closes with a sound-journey in the centre’s resonance chamber. Rich, full and peaceful. The journey has begun.

Day 2
Today we explore the Sacred sites of the Cape peninsular visiting burial caves, rock art sites and the mysterious Sun & Moon shrines of the ancient Cape People. Its an active day, ended with a sharing circle and some relaxation time.

Day 3

Driving the peninsular to Cape Point Nature Reserve gives a chance to visit the penguin colony at Boulders Beach and keep an eye out for the Cape baboon troops. In the afternoon we visit Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens, and hear about the medicinal values of Fynbos – the plant kingdom unique to the Cape.

For those with a passion for dance, there is a drop-in Biodanza class this evening.

Day 4
Leaving the city, we head to our new abode, taking in some whale watching (Aug – Oct) and enjoy lunch in a scenic coastal village before settling in at the retreat centre. An early dinner allows us time to meet Anna Breytenbach for an introductory talk on animal communication. Its going to be a great day tomorrow.

Day 5 – Animal Communication Workshop
This amazing workshop on animal communication will expand your intuitive faculties, and growing your High Sense

Perception as the animals teach us of their innate wisdom. It is fun, practical and heart opening to learn how to communicate across species. We will use the new skills of this day as we journey further.

Day 6
Leaving the coast for the starkness of the Little Karoo, we lunch at Barrydale on Route 62 – The world’s longest wine route! The afternoon is spent at The Manger. This is home to Cape CROW (Cape Centre for Rehabilitation Of Wildlife) and the Joshua Baboon Rehabilitation Project.- Where we will walk the classical 11 circuit Labyrinth (like Chartres), take some quiet time at the African Peace Pagoda built by Burmese monks and meet some of the animals.

We are spoilt with an evening at Warmwaterberg – soaking in the natural minerals of the hot springs under the stars.

Day 7
Returning to Cape Town through the scenic Franschoek wine lands, takes us all day with a slow meander that graces us with lunch and exploration time in the Franschoek Village.

Day 8
This is our day to be in service, where we give back to the poorer communities of the Cape. Open you hearts and be ready to receive as we enter the shack-dweller township communities to contribute through Habitat for Humanity or other local charities. Here we touch ‘Spirituality in Places of Poverty’ and our evening reflection circle will be alive with the adventures of the day.

Day 9
Today we gain insights into the Hospital environment, and meet with ComaCARE. It is beautiful day to see and hear of the success of this integrative healthcare NGO. We hope to meet some of their volunteers and expand our own perceptual abilities as we learn about altered states of consciousness and the basics of communicating with people in Coma.

The evening plans are scrumptious, yummy, delicious. We are going to cooking class – where we can learn some ‘take-home’ Cape recipes that are sure to wow your friends

Day 10
History day – and a chance to visit Robben Island prison where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated (weather permitting). There is also time to visit the Waterfront Mall and pick up some souvenirs before heading back to Phakalane.

Our closing ceremony will be a playful, celebration of our time together. An
evening that honours the journey. It’s time to say farewell.

Day 11
Airport transfers arranged as needed.
Optional 3 day Safari excursions.


Please note the order and days may vary slightly from tour to tour. All the good things in the itinerary will be included. Customised tours are available.



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