Healing and transformation – a personal view

“I have the most amazing job. I get to support people in realising their own desires for improved health and wellbeing. In the process I watch them tap into their own divinity and grow to live their fuller potential.”

DSC04924 small 200.jpg
Reiki is the most recognised form of energy healing. It is quick and easy to learn. It changed my life in a weekend back in 2003. The work I do now looks very similar on the outside. Clients still lie on a massage table and I follow a sequence of hand positions.
On the inside its a different experience – both for myself and my clients. After 8 years of self-exploration including 4 years of professional studies – I arrive to my sessions with more of myself. This may sound self-centred, but hear me out. I can tolerate more of my sadness, more of my loneliness and more of my fear. I can bring kindness to myself in my dark places. Because of this gift I can meet you with kindness in your dark places.
Even better news is that I can also tolerate, radiate and express more joy, more pleasure, more playfulness and heaps more creativity. As I learn how to open to all of life. I can enable you to do the same. In a healing session, you are the life I open to.

“On a daily basis I see people arrive stressed. They leave rested, centred and ready to go in the world in a new way. Its inspiring and a priviledge to be part of. That’s healing.”

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