Healing reaches different levels of in our life. You may be working on very worldy issues like unsupportive behaviours or relationship challenges at work OR you may be wanting a reminder of your deep spiritual nature and to know that you are not alone. read more about the levels that healing works on…

Level 1
We all run our energy systems in habitual ways. This brings us to a point of
balance in which we live comfortably. It is however not necessarily the best
possible balancing point.
Receiving a healing gives an experience of a different way of holding your
energy. It reflects on the balancing points, allowing an experience of
“another way”.

This gifts you with choice. You now have 2 experiences. 
Your old pattern will draw you back – as does any habit. The new pattern may
excite you and cause you to explore further. These dance together until one
day, upon reflection, you can perceive the way you have changed.

Level 2
These habitual ways are aligned to our assumptions about how we need to be in
the world. I.e. What to do or to say, how to act to be safe. The point of
balance is centered around these assumptions. They may not be serving our
highest good.
During a healing session we reflect on the assumptions that you may be living
by. This gives attention to your awareness, which you will reflect on between
healing sessions.

Level 3
We are safe, We are Love, We are unified Spirit.
We only need reminding.
The gift of healing is a remembrance of the truth of who we are, and ‘what is’.
It is a “coming home”



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