This healing technique is taught over 4 years at “A Society of Souls.” I have found it to be deeply understanding and rich in “kindness” and have personally committed to deepening my own spirituality and healing by studying this work.

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Over 4 years I expect to unlearn many things, grow kinder and move towards happiness. The school teaches a diagnostic method and 16 healings over 4 years.

The Founder – Jason Shulman – has written “Kabbalistic Healing – A path to an awakened Soul” and “The Instruction Manual for Receiving God” . He is also a great musician with 3 albums.

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A Society of Souls is both a meeting place of the heart and a three-fold training in healing and spiritual awakening. It is both a school and a community for seekers of the truth, explorers into the nature of reality and, most important, for those searching for a transformation of spirit that will lead to an opening into the true heart of life.

ASOS, founded by Jason Shulman, is based on his belief that the ultimate healing is the healing into the unitive, or nondual, state of consciousness. To that end, all ASOS programs explore the essential nature of the unitive state, which integrates the healthy human ego into its proper relationship with the nonpersonal transcendent reality. It is from our awakening to this understanding that we become capable of living a truly human life. A Society of Souls devotes itself to the mission that healing even one person is healing a universe.


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