From “A LITTLE LIGHT” – Illustrated by Rosie Balyuzi

Receive a detailed analysis of your Aura with insights into

  • Inflow and outflow of energy
  • Strongest and weakest chakra’s
  • Where you hold and block energy and why
  • Your personal balance of Reason, Will and Emotion and the effect
  • Unique strengths to enhance
  • One area to focus on for improved wellbeing

The chakra system holds vast amounts of detail about our relationship to the world. It can be very complex. This reading is designed to be simple and to offer you one area of focus. It gives an indication of the activity of each of the 7 major chakra’s – (front and back)

In very broad terms
a healthy chakra is taking in average amount of energy and spinning steadily.


  1. awareness of your habits from an energetic perspective will help you change them.
  2. you can actually feel these energetic patterns once you know about them. This leads to change.
  3. understand why you do the things you do (even when they don’t serve you)
  4. Adding an energetic & holistic approach to your existing self-knowledge is kind
30 minutes £25

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