Moving on after a relationship ends can be a slow process. Energetically speaking the entanglements of the relationship need to settle. Many times we avoid or sabotage new lovers because we have not “resolved” the complexities of the last one. This is because our last relationship lives alive in our energy system and subtly inhibits new relationships.

I can help with this. I offer a powerful 3-sessions to GET OVER YOUR EX – Kindly

  1. The first session is your powerful statement of intent to resolve this issue.
    It is like starting a new relationship. It includes a 30 minute relaxing healing which clarifies and supports your intent for healthy relationship.
    Expect it to catalyse emotions, thoughts and memories about your ex. Don’t be surprised if he contacts you out of the blue. This re-surfacing is important for the second session.
  2. The second session is a 45 minute relational chord healing. I do not believe in “cord-cutting” – this is as violent as it sounds. I work with a much kinder technique, learnt at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. In my experience it simplifies the complexities of relationship.
  3. A 30 minute healing prepares you for a conscious closure to our work together. This closure is profoundly important. It is a healthy ending to a healthy relationship ( albeit therapeutic)  By co-creating a small ceremony, we bless the path for future relationship.


Available in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Appointments every 2 weeks for best results. No longer than 7 weeks in total. All appointments booked and paid for at 1st session. 

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