Chronic Fatigue is a tough illness to be living with. Please don’t allow the illness to isolate you. Even on the days you can’t get out, you can get to the phone and find support. I work in-person and over the phone with ME sufferers offering healing that restores vitality and life changes to maintain it. 
This Syndrome needs a broad and diverse approach to healing. The work I do will help
  • clear the effect of abdominal bacteria and virus that drain your energy
  • align you with your natural cycles for health
  • provide deep understanding of your prolonged struggle
  • offer emotional and physical support with loneliness
  • plan step-by step encouragement to re-integrate into society
  • evaluate your relationships and lifestyle choices
I’ve seen sufferers lose friends, drop out of work and studies and be left very unsupported by the mainstream medical response to their situation. Don’t let this be you. I WANT TO HELP YOU.
This work requires a regular cycle of sessions over an extended period of time. Weekly sessions are recommended.
PACKAGE:  3 in-person session, and 3 telephone healings over 6 weeks: £165. (saving of £35)

Individual session cost £45 per hour (In Person)
3 sessions are £110 (in person)
Telephone sessions £25 per hour

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