You have to prepare to rest. If you rush from the TV or computer to bed and find your mind switches on and you can’t sleep – well HELLO.

Change how you spend the last 45 minutes before sleep.  

Try these suggestions first – then consider coming for a series of healings. A healing will clear, balance and vitalise your energy system – helping you do all natural things – naturally.

Sleep is a lot simpler when your emotional/mental needs are taken care of.

  1. Toothpaste is a stimulant – brush early.
    No-one has ever pointed out this obvious fact. We pay for freshness – usually the minty kind – and it makes our mouths hyper-alert. I stopped brushing my  teeth just before bed. Its straight after the meal or not at all.
  2. Stretch, breathe and sloooow down.
    If you have any back issues you may find that stretching in the evening really helps you start your day. Work into the hamstrings and calves. Breath and notice your thoughts. Write anything down that needs to be done tomorrow. i.e put it in a safe place other than your head.
  3. Journal your thoughts for the day – what are you grateful for?
    Add gratitude into your journal. Just 5 things you were grateful for in your  day. I often write 5 moments I saw people eye-to-eye.(the bus driver, my clients, the checkout guy.Everyone counts as a deep human experience)
  4. Know what you’re waking up to -Set your intention for the next day
    This helps take away worry that arises in the middle of the night. If you wake up thinking “What do i have to remember to do tomorrow?” then try this.
    Look through your diary so you know what’s coming. Accept there are things you may like and others you may not. If its too heavily skewed, then add something in you want to do.  Then close it and put it away.
    Set you intention to wake up “energised” or “To stretch” or “to run” however you like to start your day ( Emphasis – LIKE)
  5. What’s under the pillow?
    Take a moment to work out what you most need the next day (i.e patience, comfort, support, kindness) Write your answer on a tissue and put it under your pillow. Pay attention to how you feel in the first few moments of waking.
    If you are wondering about the science of this – see Dr Emoto’s Healing power of water. He has proven that water crystals behave differently when a word/intent is placed on the glass of water. This pillow practice changes your cellular water.

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