Some of us lose our impulsiveness and  drop trust in our own actions. We get tied up in knots and just can’t seem to say or do what it is we want to.  At the weekend I learnt the value of acting on impulse and the mechanism that causes us to get stuck. Thankyou so much to the clients at Glasgow Body and Soul for your gift. Here’s what I learnt…

…I understand it to be in sequence, but it happens very very quickly.
Its written as “We” – being “We humans!”

a) We feel something –  through our heart interacting in relationship with the world
b) We have an impulse express ourselves through action and in relationship
c) We assess the risk of this action using our person bank of beliefs. This delays impulse being followed
d)We question  “Will I be safe if I action this impulse?/ express myself?”

– The question delays the action.
– Uncertainty and doubt arise.They immediately grow.
– This creates stuckness and indecision.(solar plexus chakra)

e) Our ability to express an innocent impulse is now complicated and we don’t know what to do.

DO YOU KNOW THIS PLACE? – Please add your comments to the blog

1) Take a risk, summon courage and action your first impulse from the stuck place. Watch the world respond.

2) before you get stuck, just say or do what you felt an impulse to do. Watch what happens.

3) Practice healthy thinking – we need to remember to think deeply about issues outside ourself. If we are in a debating club, preparing speeches, planning a project or doing Sudoko, we get to practice healthy thinking. Adding a good reason to think to your timetable will create balance in your day and you hopefully won’t overthink your internal world.



  1. Being a perfectionist and an over thinker I can sometimes lose my way- In my case trying too hard to develop my inner world at the expense of the outer world.
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and also for reminding me that balance is the key and maybe I should practice more often what I preach.

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