Wanting what you already are is painful.Seeking, Wanting, Looking

Seeking yourself outside (your self)
is a tiring, but important step
towards seeking yourself inside (your self)

Finding yourself
requires that you
stop looking

I stopped looking for Joy.
It wasn’t hiding from me.
I was hiding from it.
By looking.

To stop looking
requires bravery, courage & trust.
Trust that comes
with relationship to Life.

If you can’t stop yet…
keep seeking.

When you grow weary and tired
it will be easier (to stop)

It will be easier
to be the Joy
(you already are.)



  1. wow. Thank you, Andrew! Beautiful perspective, coming in at the right moment for me! Yes, so often that we are hiding from what we already are, not just joy. For me I discover space and peace inside me as something I’ve been hiding from and looking and searching for desperately. The last days I start enjoying moments- hours of it. Being calm. It’s there, and often I’m still hiding from it. But it’ll start filling my life. – Joy as well!

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