I closed my healing practice on June 17th 2012 in preparation for a busy summer directing the Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality and Peace. 4 days later my mother died. 

I could never have guessed that this would be the greatest way to meet Joy.

I had chosen to close my practice, rather than just place it on the backburner. I knew that “Clean Endings create Clear Beginnings” but I had no idea of the route I would have to follow to reach this place today. Such is life. I thought I would live through the depths of a festival, meeting festival goers and volunteers, before relocating to Cape Town to open my old practice. Instead I have emigrated overnight only with handlugguage and lived through the depths of grief…meeting sadness, memory, love, community and most importantly, me.

My greatest support in this time has been me. When I fell, I caught myself. When I stepped forward I found myself. In moments of avoidance – I was there. In my deepest loneliness, there I was. When I celebrated with mums’ friends, travelled worldwide to healing communities, or walked the hills on the Isle of Skye, I kept meeting me. More and more, I liked what I found. Who I found.

I walked without the question of what now? (although many of you asked.) I walked with singular intent. To mourn. This was my way. My choice to honour my beautiful mum.
She led me here, seeding compassion, care and clarity deep into my world. These seeds have grown well beyond her wildest dreams. My impulse for Life and passion for healing drew Mum’s admiration for the person I’ve become, and we laughed together wondering which parent I ‘got it from’? Such was her humble way.

During this time I stopped looking for Joy. I put down my decade old quest for happiness and instead I embraced sadness. For months I slowed my habitual pendulum between the opposites of happiness and sadness, and then a funny thing happened. The pendulum stopped and Joy found me. BIG JOY. The Joy that is big enough to include all happiness and all sadness.

I stopped looking for Joy.
Joy wasn’t hiding from me.
I was hiding from it.
By looking.

It is this Joy that I bring to my healing practice. This Joy that infuses every moment of every day. It is beyond happiness and within sadness.
It is my dance partner and the music I dance to, even in times of silence.

I opened a brand new practice on 29 October 2012. It is not my old practice rekindled. It is new with Joy. It also includes the work of Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing for the first time.

I invite clients forward, privileged to support you as you find what you need, on your unique path home.


6 thoughts on “THE JOURNEY TO JOY

  1. I am very moved by your words! Thank you so much for having the courage to share them. A true inspiration. Your mum will be so so proud of you….

  2. Such a beautiful post, thank you. I also lost my mom — with whom I was very close — in late July 2012, and am amazed at the joy and opening her passing has allowed. Best wishes to you as you continue this tender journey.

  3. Beautiful post, Andrew, thank you! I also lost my mom, with whom I was very close, in July 2012, and am amazed at the joy and openings that her passing has allowed to come forth. Wishing you well on your tender journey…

  4. Andrew – thank you so much for this. I was at a close friend’s funeral on Thursday and couldn’t quite articulate what I felt – this was it.

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