Week 1: Intro + Review
• Define the categories that matter
• Ask the questions: What went well this year?What did not go well this year?
a. What disappointed me?
b. What surprised me?
c. Where did I excel?
d. Where did I fail?
at least 6-8 answers to each category .
Focus on events you have control over. If something did not go well that you couldn’t prevent or control, it doesn’t need to go on the list.

Week 2 & 3: Outline goals and Overall focus for next year.
• Target: 30-50 goals set over all categories
• Focus on time bound achievable goals

Week 4: Define Overall outcomes.
• Each category gets an overall outcome for the year
• Commit to first actionable steps for this week

Week 5: what is 2013 about for you
• Craft a succinct paragraph you could hang on the fridge and live into.
• First action steps reviewed
• Next action steps for this week chosen

Week 6: Celebration and farewells
• Review action steps, and 6 week process,
• Gauge confidence
• Celebrate successes and do farewells

Acknowledgements to  Chris for his fabulous annual review process that I have adapted to include an energetic understanding of Hara.×5/how-to-conduct-your-own-annual-review/
Hara: the vital centre of man by Karlfried Graf Von Durckheim
Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan


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