Imagine you are a 7 story apartment block.
Which part of this building is a chakra or energy field?
Which part is consciousness?
Non Dual Healing works  directly with the concrete to bring healing to the whole building
Imagine that you are a 7 story apartment block. Each level corresponds to a level of the energy field and can be entered through the elevator doorway (also called a chakra). The first level is the ground, the forth level is your heart space and the 7th level is your spiritual crown. Each level has its own attributes, own music, own colours and own decor. The physical form of the building (or body) is the same on the outside, but each level you enter is an entirely different landscape giving you a different experience ( or lens) on your world.


  1. Change the decorations on one or many levels
  2. Adjust the brightness of the colours on one floor
  3. Clear out the dusty corners
  4. Make sure the elevator door is working
  5. Make sure the airflow between floors is working
  6. Test the telephone exchange between floors
  7. And even straighten out the elevator shaft if needed

All of these things really help bring more air into the building, more sunlight through the windows and more creativity sparks up inside with a feeling of freshness.

In  a NON-DUAL HEALING I enter the fabric of the building itself and work with the cement. I work with what the building is made of. I work with what the air inside is made of.When this foundational aspect of the building is influenced through healing, each and every floor changes. As a result the building becomes more itself.


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