A Little Light - BookThis is the adventure of “A Little Light” as he is born into the world, shines brightly, learns some ‘wrong’ things, loses his light and the attempts to “make him better”.

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The key message is one of “Wholeness” as an approach to wellbeing and health care. Doctors, psychologists, religious leaders and healers can work together. They all help The Light Shine.

“It is the perfect book for the waiting-room table of every holistic wellbeing practitioner.”

It will be shortly be available as a 8.5in / 216mm soft copy through Amazon. 

  • “The book your magical child has been waiting for” 
  • “A healing book for every old soul in a little body”
  • “Andrew Newman has forged a new category in children’s books: crystal kids literature. “
  • “A healing book for the new generation of kids incarnating on our planet. Like them this sweet book looks beyond the veils the visible world, reminding us all who we truly are.”
  • ‘A deeply sensitive and spiritual expression of what is truly wrong with the world which cuts deep to the core of one’s heart. Its cries out for humanity to look inside of ourselves and acknowledge that in order for us ALL to heal and change for the better, we need to accept help – not from conventional institutionalised methods but from ancient deeply spiritual ones which encompass the whole self – the mind, body and spirit’

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