Brennan Healing Science offers an holistic model of human nature.  Healers are trained to work with advanced awareness of the Human Energy Field – or AURA. This includes the chakra system, a unique dimension of intentionality, the radiant spark of life essence and the physical body.

This modality is broad enough to address all disease processes, however each practitioner finds their unique areas of interest.

I have special interests in helping clients unblocking their creative talent (artists, musicians, entrepreneurs) and my passion for deep spirituality draws clients with a resonance for this. I’m deeply committed to ongoing personal development as a practising therapist – and enjoy supporting health care practitioners from other fields.


This 4 year program qualifies individuals as Brennan Healing Science Practitioners – arguably the most advance specialist hands-on-healing training in the Western World.

hands of light.jpg It was been my spiritual and transformational bread-and-butter between 2004 and 2009.

4 years, each comprising 5 residential training modules, 7 distance learning modules, numerous practice healings and 18 personal process sessions with an accredited psychologist, psychotherapist or counsellor. 

Thumbnail image for IMG_1883.jpg Please review for full information. This is a simple precis based on my own experience and understanding.

Recommended Reading
“Hands of Lights” and “Light Emerging” by Dr Barbara Brennan

Personal Experience
At the introductory weekend workshop I learnt that there was a place where I was safe. Safe to be vulnerable. This was very unfamiliar. I had real uncertainty in participating fully in my own life, but by stepping through fear I found great reward and huge vitality.