My simple love is to connect people. (within themselves, within their community and between communities) That connection is where I see/feel/know the Divine.

I offer energy healing based on the teaching of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where I studied from 2004 – 2009.

I also offer Non-dual Kabbalistic healing, which i continue to learn with Jason Shulman at A Society of Souls.

When I first trained in Reiki I offered it for free in an Edinburgh backpackers. I saw 35 people in 60 days and fell in love with energy work. It’s so relaxing, feels very natural and really supports people. I feel privileged to work every day doing what I love while  supporting and empowering people.

WHO AM I? and

I’m an original thinker, creative, curious & spontaneous.
I’ll work with you “In the moment”

I’m direct, honest and state the obvious.
A client said “You’re willingness to say things that aren’t popular has helped me refocus my actions and overcome self-sabotaging behaviours”

I’m playful and humorous
Reminding you to be light-hearted brings fluidity through the tough spots.

I’m a white South African, male who learnt to be inclusive under Apartheid
I build rapport quickly and easily across cultures, races, languages and wealth groups. You will feel welcome, whoever you are, whatever you believe.


Andrew has a deep personal commitment to growing health and wellbeing on personal, local and global levels. Andrew’s portfolio of work has included:
Work: Energy healer – trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Europe(2004-2009).

Professional development:  studying Integrated Kabbalistic healing with Jason Shulman. (2010 – 2014)

Leadership:  Director of  Edinburgh’s Festival of Spirituality and Peace 2012. Men’s group facilitator – based on The Mankind Project (2006 – current).

Passions:  publishing over 1000 donated poems as a PoemCatcher!I love poetry, prayer and playfullness.

Experience:  volunteer coordination for Habitat for Humanity, training of ComaCARE volunteers, 6 years support work, deafblind communicator,  running a jewellery store, manufacturing hammocks and a host of heart-centred community development.