About poemcatcher

I wander the streets of festivals and events inviting poeple to write spontaneous poetry that i collate into anthologies. Heaps of fun, very playful and good for you!

Jeremy Loops Concert, Chicago 2015

Jeremy Loops InterviewThe amazing Jeremy Loops was recently performing at Schubas in Chicago on his 2nd tour of the USA. As a fellow South African, I felt compelled to support his gig, but my flights were just not working. Sadly, I was due to leave Chicago on the night he was playing.

As I stood glumly in the line to board the plane, there was an announcement that the flight was overbooked. I dashed to the counter and volunteered to catch a flight the next day. In return I received a voucher for $462 and a hotel night. (Thanks South West) and I jumped on the metro in time to hear the gig. Yay!

Listen here to some of his fans raving about the music.



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“Inspirational Stories of Authenticity and Reinvention” invited me to record a web interview. Here it is…

ACONGRUENTLIFE.NET – http://acongruentlife.net/newman

Wondering what he could do to help disaster-impacted people in Haiti, Andrew Newman started asking others on the street for poems to share. Little did he know at the time that “poemcatching” would take him around the world and result in several anthologies of collected poems.

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Andrew shares pieces of his story, including:

  • how he was motivated to start poemcatching,
  • veering away from several generations of a family-owned business,
  • discovering that he was, in fact, a creative person, and what that means for all of us,
  • advice for tapping into our creativity and “unfolding” our own creative visions,
  • the impact that men’s work and spiritual questing has had on his personal journey,
  • embracing mission as a larger framework for life beyond goals and tasks.

Listen Here: http://acongruentlife.net/newman


Imagine you are a 7 story apartment block.
Which part of this building is a chakra or energy field?
Which part is consciousness?
Non Dual Healing works  directly with the concrete to bring healing to the whole building
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How do I bring more happiness  into the subject of Joy, while being true to my suffering?

I don’t ask enough questions of life. I say that, because… every time I do ask life a question, I find the most remarkable answers arriving, in the most dynamic ways. This happens so consistently that I have come to believe that life wants to answer my questions. All that is needed is for me to ask.
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Week 1: Intro + Review
• Define the categories that matter
• Ask the questions: What went well this year?What did not go well this year?
a. What disappointed me?
b. What surprised me?
c. Where did I excel?
d. Where did I fail?
at least 6-8 answers to each category .
Focus on events you have control over. If something did not go well that you couldn’t prevent or control, it doesn’t need to go on the list.

Week 2 & 3: Outline goals and Overall focus for next year.
• Target: 30-50 goals set over all categories
• Focus on time bound achievable goals

Week 4: Define Overall outcomes.
• Each category gets an overall outcome for the year
• Commit to first actionable steps for this week

Week 5: what is 2013 about for you
• Craft a succinct paragraph you could hang on the fridge and live into.
• First action steps reviewed
• Next action steps for this week chosen

Week 6: Celebration and farewells
• Review action steps, and 6 week process,
• Gauge confidence
• Celebrate successes and do farewells

Acknowledgements to  Chris for his fabulous annual review process that I have adapted to include an energetic understanding of Hara.
Hara: the vital centre of man by Karlfried Graf Von Durckheim
Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan


To help align with YOUR personal intention in the world, start to notice other, different examples of intention.  Ask yourself does this person/object  have intention or purpose? is it clear? is it pushy, effortless, wishy-washy?

There are lines of intention all around us. As you start to see them on a daily basis, you will begin to feel when you are in alignment with your higher intention, or out of alignment.  This is the information you need (within yourself) to make discerning choices.

This guy is super amazing. Watch his body deeply. Notice where your eye falls. Where is the centrepoint that he moves from?, What is his intention?

Each living creature has their own unique line of intention. This video shows the power of alignment. Look at the meeting point between the rider’s intention and the horse? Do they work as 1 or as 2?


There is a line of intention that can be experienced inside your body. It can be seen or perceived by you and by me. This line may be clear, straight, strong, coherent, wavy, weak, rough, smooth, distant, near and many other things.

Grow your awareness with this inner place by starting to look for it in people and places around you. Here are some images showing different lines of intention.


It seems that we (humans) are very keen to dig, dig, dig through our personality and behaviours to find treasure. Why do we do this? what happens when we keep doing this without balancing life with pleasures, strengths and pre-existing brilliance?

As always I offer some personal reflections from my healing journey, adventures poemcatching and some practical tips to live wholeness.