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QUAKE – Built from nothing

Product Details

A pavement poemcatcher became “the unofficial one-man fringe” of Scotland’s StAnza poetry festival – where he begged, borrowed and stole a hundred-and-something fresh poems to make this wee book called QUAKE, to raise money for kids affected by quakes. Quake is the first of many anthologies of a Pavement PoemCatcher, with a world-mission to inspire creativity and believe in raw, unpolished talent.

by Poem Catcher UK Amazon link


Product Details

A collection of intriguing mushroom and fungus poems written by scientists and donated to the pavement poemcatcher at IMC9 – the worlds largest mycology conference. It is full of poems about mushrooms, fungi, lichens and all things mycological. This is where education meets entertainment, growing the art of this science.

by Poem Catcher, UK Amazon link

SALTY Poems from the Sea

Product Details

A collection of seaside poems donated to a pavement poem catcher in North Berwick, Scotland. This book captures the delights of a summer at the sea during the festival season, with rich memories of ice creams, sun, seagulls, waves, golf and all things British.

by Poem Catcher, UK Amazon link

Royal Wedding Poems

Product Details

An anthology of Royal Wedding Poems collected on the streets of St Andrews, to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton. With special contributions from literature students and international poets, this book offers many treasures that delight the reader and capture the vibrant public enthusiasm ahead of the wedding. (the 10th PoemCatcher title and 1st birthday celebration)

by Poem Catcher, UK Amazon link

Haunted Halloween Poetry

Product Details

A creepy collection of haunted poems gathered in Auld Reekie (Edinburgh) over the festival weekend of Halloween and the pagan Samhuinn parade. (Celtic New Year) With poems written by ghouls and ghosts – you’ll find this anthology slightly devilish, a tad mythical and honoring of the infamous Jack ‘O Lantern.

by Poem Catcher, UK Amazon link

BALLS from the queue (GAME)

Product Details

The first of a Championship Trilogy featuring a creative collection of poems gathered by the pavement poemcatcher from Wimbledon tennis fans while waiting in the queue for their tickets in June 2010. All poems are fresh and written “on the fly” showing amazing talent and diversity of experiences. This book offers a poetic snapshot of the tournament and showcases many great talents.

by Poem Catcher, UK Amazon link

Fantastic Fireworks

Product Details

A book of explosive fireworks poetry written on the streets at the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks Show. This collection is fiery, quirky and explosive, set in the backdrop of the Castle and legions of history – what do you do while waiting for the show to begin…Write a poem of course! This book captures the delights of the Edinburgh festival season as it comes to an end for yet another year. It was made in 6 hours, and it reads quickly too! Another “must have” from the PoemCatcher collection quintessentially Scottish poetic snapshots.

By Poem Catcher, UK Amazon link

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