‘Just as jeweler sees and makes very facet of the gem shine, so does Andrew, he looks inside your soul, finds and uplifts you to shine freely.  He is a jeweler of souls’ – European client (after 3 sessions)
I have experienced profound healing with Andrew. His presence, intuitive touch, deep listening and multi faceted approach create a safe space to move beyond old patterning and into vibrant aliveness and alignment” – Cape Town Client, professional bodywork practitioner
Andrew is a gifted practitioner who creates a safe and powerful space for transformation, grounding, self acceptance and realization of deep heart yearnings”  – Cape Town Client, South Africa
“I don’t know what you do, or how you it, but that was brilliant” – Edinburgh, Scotland. (This client was shaken up by a car accident a few months earlier. His injuries had healed but he was still very unsettled. He needed 1 session to realign body/mind spirit and life intention and life settled down.)
“You have set me, somehow on an extraordinary course to which I will shall have a great debt of gratitude. I do miss my time with you as I have never evolved so much in an hour before.” Cape Town Client

Feedback from Therapist Support Group
“A major shift in the way I am relating to my healing practice has been one of the many benefits from participating in Andrew’s support group.Being in a group of Brennan Healers enhanced the process and provided a deep level of exchange, reflection and broadening perspectives.

Andrew has an amazing gift of holding a subtle and powerful space for the group, receiving each individual with kindness, picking up the most subtle information and being extremely creative in finding ways to empower each participant.
Andrea Kurth, Munich




£25 for 1 hour healing session
Venue: Bristo Yoga School
Times: Mondays only. Must be booked in advance.

GLASGOW £120 for 3 sessions (over 6 weeks)

Paid in advance
Save £15



Moving on after a relationship ends can be a slow process. Energetically speaking the entanglements of the relationship need to settle. Many times we avoid or sabotage new lovers because we have not “resolved” the complexities of the last one. This is because our last relationship lives alive in our energy system and subtly inhibits new relationships.

I can help with this. I offer a powerful 3-sessions to GET OVER YOUR EX – Kindly Continue reading


The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress (e.g., decreases in heart rate, blood pressure, rate of breathing, and muscle tension).
  • Your metabolism decreases
  • Your heart beats slower and your muscles relax
  • Your breathing becomes slower
  • Your blood pressure decreases
  • Your levels of nitric oxide are increased

If practiced regularly, it can have lasting effects.
Information from  Benson Henry institute for Mind Body Medicine


This healing technique is taught over 4 years at “A Society of Souls.” I have found it to be deeply understanding and rich in “kindness” and have personally committed to deepening my own spirituality and healing by studying this work.

jason shulman.gif

Over 4 years I expect to unlearn many things, grow kinder and move towards happiness. The school teaches a diagnostic method and 16 healings over 4 years.

The Founder – Jason Shulman – has written “Kabbalistic Healing – A path to an awakened Soul” and “The Instruction Manual for Receiving God” . He is also a great musician with 3 albums.

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Healing and transformation – a personal view

“I have the most amazing job. I get to support people in realising their own desires for improved health and wellbeing. In the process I watch them tap into their own divinity and grow to live their fuller potential.”

DSC04924 small 200.jpg
Reiki is the most recognised form of energy healing. It is quick and easy to learn. It changed my life in a weekend back in 2003. The work I do now looks very similar on the outside. Clients still lie on a massage table and I follow a sequence of hand positions.
On the inside its a different experience – both for myself and my clients. After 8 years of self-exploration including 4 years of professional studies – I arrive to my sessions with more of myself. This may sound self-centred, but hear me out. I can tolerate more of my sadness, more of my loneliness and more of my fear. I can bring kindness to myself in my dark places. Because of this gift I can meet you with kindness in your dark places.
Even better news is that I can also tolerate, radiate and express more joy, more pleasure, more playfulness and heaps more creativity. As I learn how to open to all of life. I can enable you to do the same. In a healing session, you are the life I open to.

“On a daily basis I see people arrive stressed. They leave rested, centred and ready to go in the world in a new way. Its inspiring and a priviledge to be part of. That’s healing.”

Healing Outcomes

  • Change the path of your disease process,Portrait Card Front.jpg
  • Unblock creative talent,
  • Restore energy flow in the spine,
  • Open your heart to self and others,
  • Shift misunderstandings,
  • Claim more personal power,
  • Stand in self responsibility,
  • Quieten mental noise,
  • Improve sleep,

  • Relaxation (mental and physical),
  • Spiritual growth through personal transformation,
  • Personal transformation through Spiritual growth,
  • Development of healing teams,
  • Explore negative self judgments,
  • Release old relationship pain,
  • Receive deep comfort in a place of grief,
  • Learn Safety,
  • Give yourself the Gift of Presence,
  • Activate your innate wisdom,

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  • Reiki Master (Usui lineage)
  • Brennan Healing Science Graduate (4yr professional diploma)
  • Current student of Jason Shulman, Non-dual healing (Integrated Kabbalistic Healing)

Aug 2010 Andrew Newman Card.JPGBrennan Healing Science is a holistic model that can be used to address all disease processes, however each practitioner finds their unique areas of interest. I have special interests in helping clients unblocking their creative talent (artists, musicians, entrepreneurs) and my passion for deep spirituality draws clients with a resonance for this. I’m deeply committed to ongoing personal development as a practicing therapist – and enjoy supporting health care practitioners from other fields.

My clients show an enthusiasm for self-responsibility and a desire to live life more fully (from a variety of states of health). The process of recovery from illness is a curious dance of self responsibility and the acceptance of support. I support those who support themselves. Together there is strength as a team.(click ‘more’ to read about healing teams)

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