‘Just as jeweler sees and makes very facet of the gem shine, so does Andrew, he looks inside your soul, finds and uplifts you to shine freely.  He is a jeweler of souls’ – European client (after 3 sessions)

I have experienced profound healing with Andrew. His presence, intuitive touch, deep listening and multi faceted approach create a safe space to move beyond old patterning and into vibrant aliveness and alignment” – Cape Town Client, professional bodywork practitioner

Andrew is a gifted practitioner who creates a safe and powerful space for transformation, grounding, self acceptance and realization of deep heart yearnings”  – Cape Town Client, South Africa

“I don’t know what you do, or how you it, but that was brilliant” – Edinburgh, Scotland. (This client was shaken up by a car accident a few months earlier. His injuries had healed but he was still very unsettled. He needed 1 session to realign body/mind spirit and life intention and life settled down.)

“You have set me, somehow on an extraordinary course to which I will shall have a great debt of gratitude. I do miss my time with you as I have never evolved so much in an hour before.” Cape Town Client

Feedback from Therapist Support Group
“A major shift in the way I am relating to my healing practice has been one of the many benefits from participating in Andrew’s support group.Being in a group of Brennan Healers enhanced the process and provided a deep level of exchange, reflection and broadening perspectives.

Andrew has an amazing gift of holding a subtle and powerful space for the group, receiving each individual with kindness, picking up the most subtle information and being extremely creative in finding ways to empower each participant.
Andrea Kurth, Munich