ENERGY HEALING  –  (Brennan Healing  Science and Reiki)
A supportive treatment that restores natural vitality and balance to your body/mind system. Treatments clear, balance and re-charge your energy, with a focus on your choice of relaxation, health or personal growth. Benefits include reduced stress, faster recovery from injury, unblocked creativity and enhanced mental clarity. bhs-practitioner-logo

I offer energy healing based on the teaching of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where I studied from 2004 – 2009.  I am also attuned as a Reiki master.
I work with an holistic view of health that includes an awareness of the Human Energy Field – or AURA. This includes your chakra system, intentionality, you life essence and your physical body.

Healings are deeply relaxing and can support your health and personal growth

Appointments are 1 hour and include  these 3 stages below

The Check-in
What’s happening in your life at the moment?

This gives me direction for the ‘on-table’ healing work. I work to support your intention and to nourish your life-force.

The Healing  is then an opportunity for you to relax, and receive.Typically I follow a sequence of hand positions  from the feet up to the head, creating progressive relaxation, while clearing, balancing and charging your  energy.

Then I return to focus on an area of “presenting complaint” or tension.  

This is not always a passive experience, in fact the more you remain conscious and present within yourself, and the more breath you bring – the deeper the healing can reach and the greater the Benefits 

The re-integration time prepares you to re-enter the world. Sharing and reflection is seldom a part of this, as that reverts us back to the mental, old habitual way of being. There is always time for this reflection telephonically or at our next healing.

Healings are always fully clothed. Clients usually lie on a massage table, but can be seated if necessary. Standing  work is occasionally used to focus on issued relating to personal power and self responsibility.

Reflective exercises are taken home to support you between appointments


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