A straight clear line of intention.

A straight clear line of intention.

Start the new year with 6 weeks of supported intention setting. Evaluate what went well in 2012, What didn’t go well and then set YOUR roadmap for 2013. What do you want to create in 2013? What do you want to fill your time and life with?

Join a committed small group to explore and set your goals for 2013.Then meet 4 times per year to share the progress and successes. This way you will have the structure and support to achieve the goals you choose.  

A basic principle of life planning is that you can have anything you want, but not everything at the same time. You may have to give up something to achieve something else – so it’s better to know what’s most important to you in your own version of world domination.

• Join a circle that will support you. Be inspired by others.
• Dedicated fixed weekly time will help prepare your year.
• By learning about the energetics of the Hara dimension, your goals will be strongly informed and infused by your inner desires
• A kind and thorough process that leads you from broad visioning to detailed focus, clarity and actionable goals


  • 9 – 12 clear categories of Life that you value
    Eg: Writing, Business, Friends & Family, Service, Travel, Spiritual, Health, Learning, Financial (Earning), Financial (Giving), Financial (Saving)
  •  Succinct measurable goals within each category. What needs to be done next? By when?
    Eg: I’d like to read 12 books a year. I need a new book by 1st of each month. Eg: I’d like to change jobs by June. I need my CV polished and review by a friend by 1st feb, and distributed to 12 agents by 1st March, with 5 interviews by 1st may
  • Summary outcomes for each category (Most important goal)
    Eg: WORK: I will change jobs this year to find a more nourishing environment / to earn an extra Rxxx per month / to learn new skills.

• Make a plan of action based on what matters to you. These are not “resolutions”
• To be happier and have more money you must make goals that are measurable and specific.
• This is not a rigid plan you have to live with if you hate. You can always change it later for any reason. It’s your plan, right? And since you’re the one making it, you shouldn’t hate it.
Week by week programme outline is here

Underachieve to succeed. Squeeze helps birth. Build brackets that hold.


Weekly meetings. Dedicated Journal. Frequent short meditations. A million post-its


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