NonDual Kabbalistic Healing hASOS Logoas been developed by Jason Shulman and offers a profound way to work with, and through, the Tree of Life to vividly and intimately support the healing process.

These healings arise out of the nondual nature of reality, and help clients and practitioners to remember a) their true nature and b) that they are not separate. (Which is the same thing!)

“NKH is the most in-depth training offered by A Society of Souls, encompassing four years of classes and a palette of 16 healings. The curriculum weaves the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, including the Tree of Life and the Four Universes, with Buddhist thought, the insights of quantum physics, a Western psychological understanding of the human condition, and the teachings of  nonduality, into a deeply transformative healing modality. The work of NKH descends to the essential levels of creation. It does not include work with chakras, energy levels, characterologies or any of the secondary manifestations associated with being alive.”


  • The listening attitude of the healer is entirely inclusive
  • The healing engages “consiousness” directly, not “energy”
  • The conversation time is longer(45 min). This leads to the right healing for your moment.
  • Healings are between 7 and 10 minutes, seated or lying down.
  • My hands don’t move during NonDual Healings.
Instead of purifying ourselves of all our difficult parts, we seek healing by learning how to be in profound and kind relationship with all that is.

In Non-Dual Healing,  I adopt a listening attitude that is deeply and broadly inclusive. It is not reductive, and does not require parts of you to be ignored in order for me to arrive at a root cause. That would require separation and be painful.

THE METAPHOR Imagine that you are a 7 story apartment block. Each level corresponds to a level of the energy field and can be entered through the elevator doorway… CLICK TO READ MORE

Kabbalistic Healing: A Path to an Awakened Soul – By Jason Shulman