To help align with YOUR personal intention in the world, start to notice other, different examples of intention.  Ask yourself does this person/object  have intention or purpose? is it clear? is it pushy, effortless, wishy-washy?

There are lines of intention all around us. As you start to see them on a daily basis, you will begin to feel when you are in alignment with your higher intention, or out of alignment.  This is the information you need (within yourself) to make discerning choices.

This guy is super amazing. Watch his body deeply. Notice where your eye falls. Where is the centrepoint that he moves from?, What is his intention?

Each living creature has their own unique line of intention. This video shows the power of alignment. Look at the meeting point between the rider’s intention and the horse? Do they work as 1 or as 2?



There is a line of intention that can be experienced inside your body. It can be seen or perceived by you and by me. This line may be clear, straight, strong, coherent, wavy, weak, rough, smooth, distant, near and many other things.

Grow your awareness with this inner place by starting to look for it in people and places around you. Here are some images showing different lines of intention.