The birth of a Poemcatcher

St Andrew’s, StAnza poetry festival 2010 was when I followed through

on my crazy idea of begging for poems.
Within a day I had 58 fresh poems donated in 5 languages.
Within 2 days it was over 110.
On day 3 I launched the book sales, using a poster and a promise of postage.
I sold 20 books in an afternoon.
Its called QUAKE – because I want to buy toys for the kids in quake-zones.
Each day there was a new word to inspire new writing.
Day 1 – Quake. Day 2 – Time . Day 3 – Soul. Day 4 – Happiness
True happiness.
If you want to support the project, you can buy a copy or follow the Poemcatcher’s Blog for my future opportunities to participate.
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