After the Haiti earthquake I sat on a pavement and begged for poems for Haiti. I receivde 139 poems in 4 days and made a book called QUAKE – BUILT FROM NOTHING.
Within 12 months THE POEMCATCHER inspired and published 12 anthologies with over 1000 poems.
 Come and hear of the adventures of poemcatching from the pavements of St Andrew’s to the queues at Wimbledon.
An exhilarating hour rich with passion, creativity, humour and adventure.

What happens when you feel pressured to forgive but just don’t want to?

You CAN get the freedom that forgiveness brings, while staying true to yourself.  Come and find out how.  This talk is born of a painful 13 year grudge, life in apartheid South Africa and wisdom gained in my studies of energy healing, non-duality and Integrated Kabbalistic Healing.
  • ·         What to do when you don’t want to forgive?
  • ·         How to move on, without forgiving.
  • ·         How I found relief from my 13 year grudge
  • ·         Projection is more painful than pain, so stop.
  • ·         Save your stories, keep your grudge, find freedom anyway.

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